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Rainlang is defi's native language. If you know your way around a spreadsheet, you can learn Rain.

Rainlang is:

  • Parsed & interpreted onchain (by a smart contract)
  • Permissionlessly extensible (add your own words to the language)
  • Immutable (none of the contracts are upgradable or have admin keys)

That means there’s no compilation necessary - everything you need to write and execute Rainlang is already stored immutably onchain.

It also means it’s permissionless to extend. Have your own oracle and want to add support to Rainlang? You can do it without asking anyone’s permission.

Rain's mission is to support decentralization - make smart contracts more readable/writable, make centralized solutions more visible, increase accessibility and create new applications and business models.

The first big use case for Rainlang is Raindex. Raindex allows anyone to write, deploy and manage perpetual token trading strategies, written in rainlang, on any EVM network.


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