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We're hiring!

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Josh Hardy

Rainlang is a pioneering project that has created a new programming language for DeFi and a new DEX, RainDEX.

We're looking for experienced developers who share our passion for decentralization and innovation, and want the experience of being part of the early team working on one of the most unique things in DeFi.

What we’re building

Rainlang is defi’s native language, it’s an onchain language, parsed and interpreted by smart contracts. It’s compatible with any EVM and permissionlessly extensible.

Raindex is a standalone desktop app built with Tauri, that allows anyone to write, deploy and manage token trading strategies, written in Rainlang.

Who we are

Our team is spread across the world, from the US to India. We are founded by three Australians who are now based in the UK and Tbilisi:

  • David Atkinson - long-time veteran of the Blockchain space, also a co-founder of Holo and Holochain
  • David Meister - Solidity & Rust developer with a long history in product architecure, the inventor of Rainlang
  • Josh Hardy - engineer & designer with a creative background in music, built many web3 product frontends including NFT marketplaces and onchain art projects

Our culture

  • All of us are driven by building things we care about.
  • We take seriously the principles of pragmatism, usefulness, quality and simplicity.
  • Our tools are architected to support openness, freedom and embracing of different perspectives.
  • Primarily asynchronous communication, over Telegram
  • Focussed on growing customers and ecosystem
  • Committed to small teams of very high quality

Who We’re Looking For

Our ideal candidates are deeply ingrained in the culture and technology of decentralized finance. This is not just a job; it’s a call to those who want to be at the forefront of financial technology innovation.

We look for the following attributes:

  • Professional Experience: You have a proven track record of developing applications or tools that are currently in production. Your experience demonstrates your ability to handle full lifecycle software development and deployment.
  • Adaptability to Growth: You are comfortable and capable of managing and embracing the rapid growth in Total Value Locked (TVL) and trading volume.
  • Commitment to Quality: You are dedicated to creating high-quality, well-tested, financial-grade code. Your work reflects your meticulous attention to detail and your commitment to security and reliability.
  • Passion for Decentralization: You are not only a developer but also an active user of DeFi platforms. Your personal and professional finances reflect your deep interest and belief in DeFi's potential and practices.
  • Self-Motivation and Work Ethic: You are self-driven and diligent, qualities that are essential in a remote and highly autonomous work environment.
  • Practical Engagement: Before considering a position with us, you MUST deploy at least one trading strategy on Raindex. Engage with our tutorial videos, follow the steps, and assess whether this is the future you want to help build.

How We Work

Our approach is centered around creating secure, reliable, and efficient software for decentralized finance. Here's how we ensure our standards and practices meet the challenges of the industry:

  • Robust Testing Protocols: Since our software handles real money onchain and operates without admin controls, it is crucial to have rigorous testing. We implement extensive testing protocols including unit testing, fuzzing, benchmarking, and simulation within our CI infrastructure to mitigate risks from bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  • Development Philosophy: The structure of our code is significantly influenced by our commitment to testing. Writing tests is not an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of our coding process. This approach ensures that our code is not only functional but also adaptable and secure. Our team members are expected to have a thorough understanding of testable code design from their professional experience.
  • Design and Problem Solving: For larger projects, we prepare detailed design documents and specifications that identify key constraints and discuss potential solutions. This process helps us tackle complex problems systematically and allows for transparent and informed decision-making. Our engineers are skilled in articulating their choices and trade-offs, facilitating high-level collaboration and problem-solving.


Role: Rust developer

Location: Remote Job type: Full time

We are looking for experienced Rust developers who want to help create Rainlang tooling and applications.


  • Generic Rust crates for tooling for Rain interpreters, metadata and the orderbook
  • Modelling and data analysis for onchain orders
  • Rust backend for our Raindex Tauri app
  • Other standalone binaries such as the arbitrage bot

You'll have experience working with concurrency in Rust as a lot of what we are doing is fairly compute intensive but parallelisable. Bonus points if you have worked with Foundry, as we are using it as a crate for various tasks such as forking blockchains locally for fuzzing/simulations in the DEX.

Role: Front end developer

Location: Remote Job type: Full time

We are looking for front end developers who have good experience with Typescript and front end frameworks, ideally Svelte.


  • Front end for the Raindex Tauri app
  • Other front end integrations for Raindex (Farcaster frame)
  • Web front ends for Rain and other ecosystem projects

You'll have experience with front end web3 frameworks like wagmi, as well as the idiosyncrasies of dealing with DeFi front ends (transaction updates, decimals handling for token amounts, etc).

How to apply

Send your resume to [email protected]