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· 3 min read
Josh Hardy

One of the ongoing experiments we've been working on in our collective is a Rain-powered asset designer and marketplace. At the moment it's a "game designer" but in reality this could be applied to any kind of marketplace-as-gamified-economy.

Due to popular demand, I've recorded a demo of how you could use the Game Designer POC to quickly create a system of game assets, where the economy itself could be considered a game.

· 4 min read
David Atkinson

This post is synthesised from conversations with the Game7 DAO during their grants process.

Describe the problem that your potential users are facing today.

Game economies are struggling to break the 1-2 token paradigm and so the ‘play-to-earn’ movement is being revisited with people not sure what will drive the next waves of adoption from web2 to web3 gaming.